Since the launch of the Moto X, there have been two available storage options: 16GB and 32GB. For some users, 32GB just isn’t enough without an SD card slot (seriously though, what are you guys doing with your phones?). Fortunately, it looks like Moto may be gearing up to launch a 64GB variant of the X, which looks to be available with a $100 price bump over the 16GB version.

Originally tipped by Russian site Mobiltelefon.ru and confirmed by Artem, there is clearly an option for a 64GB version found within Motomaker’s memory selection page:



Unfortunately, we have no idea when this may be available – maybe Moto will announce it soon, maybe not.

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64GB Moto X Found Hiding In The Source Code On Motorola’s Site was written by the awesome team at Android Police.