A 90-year-old tortoise rides around on wheels after losing its legs

autor: | Kvě 3, 2015 | English News

A 90-year-old tortoise nicknamed Mrs. T is now moving at turbo-speed thanks to a new set of wheels. After a rat attack left Mrs T. without two front legs, her owners affixed wheels from a model aircraft to her shell, The Telegraph reports.

„It was like fitting her with a turbo charger — she’s going double the speed she used to,“ Jude Ryder, Mrs. T’s owner, said. „She uses her back legs to push herself along.“

A turbo-charged tortoise

The Ryders took Mrs. T to a vet after the rat attack, but were worried she would have to be put down if she remained immobile. Luckily, Jude’s son Dale is a mechanical engineer, and he was able to design the wheels in a way that would work with Mrs. T’s movements.

„She took to them straight away, but she…

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