Alzheimers awareness takes the form of ‚Alz‘: a haunting stroll among pixels

autor: | Bře 29, 2014 | English News

More often than not, video games about illness involve surviving in a post-apocalyptic hellscape filled with zombies, not diseases typically associated with old age. But that’s just what you get with Alz, a very brief web game — if you can call it that — that tries to put the viewer in the mind of someone with Alzheimer’s disease. You play the role of a nameless, faceless man walking through various parts of a house and city, trying to remember the details of what’s around you, but failing. „Enjoy your walk. Interact with your surroundings. Or don’t,“ Alz‚s creator who goes by Dylan, says. „Have a forgotten, but hopefully not forgetful, experience.“

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