Astronaut Scott Kelly watched Gravity in space last night

autor: | Dub 26, 2015 | English News

So, let’s say you’re one month into a year-long mission on the International Space Station, and you’re feeling a little bored. You decide to pop in a movie. What film do you choose?

If you’re Scott Kelly, it’s Gravity. The astronaut tweeted a photo of “movie night” aboard ISS, and, sure enough, you can make out Sandra Bullock floating around the space station. Pretty meta, eh? It also seems like a pretty unusual choice, since, you know, it’s a space station disaster movie. And he’s stuck on the space station.

It’s a bit like watching airplane disaster documentaries on a trans-Atlantic flight. Or Titanic on your next cruise. Or, perhaps, The Thing while you’re posted at an Antarctic research station for the winter. It definitely doesn’t…

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