nexusae0_13550179034_83934ee934_oThat shiny new HTC One M8 is supposed to come with 50GB of free Google Drive space, but what gives? AT&T is holding out on us. It was actually just a bug that popped up last month, but AT&T promised it would be fixed by mid-May. Here we are right about the middle of May, and the fix is rolling out.

2014-05-14 15_01_08-HTC Customer Advantage _ HTC United States

Resolving the issue required a system update to be built and approved by AT&T so it could be delivered over the air to affected devices.

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AT&T And HTC Approve Update To Fix Broken 50GB Google Drive Offer On HTC One M8 [Update: Extreme Power Saving Mode Too] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.