The reason Tesla’s 75 kWh battery is going away

As you may have seen, yesterday Elon Musk announced on Twitter that Tesla will kill the 75 kWh battery for Model S and X. Those who are interested in buying should get their order in within the next 4 days.

Not only is this a small demand level to sell more cars in Q1 2019, I believe there is a larger driver for Tesla.

This video will cover my theory on why.

1. Larger battery offerings

We know that Tesla has the ability to offer a longer range vehicle based on what we’ve seen with the Roadster and Semi. What we don’t know is will Tesla use the current battery cells, the 18650 (18 mm x 65 mm), the 2170 (21 mm x 70 mm) or something completely different. Video:

Elon said in an interview with MKBHD that doubling the modules of the Roadster would only increase the volume of the pack 80% or 4-5 inches higher. Video:

The potential switch also aligns with the end of Tesla and Panasonic’s agreement of 2 billion 18650 cells announced in 2013, which according to my estimates has ended. Article:…