Yelp-ThumbEmoji convey a lot using very little, and now Yelp has tapped into this to speed up its searches. No, the results don’t come in any faster. Rather, instead of typing out a word as long as “hamburger,” just insert a picture of one. Want to hit up a bar? Head to the emoji section of your keyboard and drop in a frosty mug. Yelp will know what to do.

Yelp2 Yelp1

Yelp3 Yelp4

Yelp doesn’t just handle food, and the app is more than happy to provide the addresses for nearby churches, banks, and hotels.

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[:D] You Can Now Use Emoji To Search Yelp For Food, Clothing, Lodging, Cosmetics, And Other Amusing Things was written by the awesome team at Android Police.