De La Soul raises over $600,000 on Kickstarter for first new album in a decade

autor: | Kvě 2, 2015 | English News

Last month, hip-hop masterminds De La Soul announced they were funding their first studio LP in 11 years on Kickstarter. The project reached its $110,000 goal pretty quickly, but it continued snowballing until today, where it finished with a total of $600,874.

That massive sum puts De La Soul in the number two slot for the most-funded Kickstarter music projects of all time (Pebble Time is still the highest-grossing out of any project category). Wondering who’s got the number one spot on the music list? That would be divisive-opinion-haver Amanda Palmer, who funded an album, art book, and tour through Kickstarter. Her project raised over one million dollars, nearly doubling De La’s sum.

The project’s original goal was $110,000

De La…

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