Finally, an honest game trailer to explain Mortal Kombat X

autor: | Kvě 9, 2015 | English News

The bad thing about fighting games is that you could make up virtually any plot point, no matter how ludicrous, and I would probably have to believe it was real, at least until I could get to the relevant wiki. If you didn’t grow up playing Tekken or Street Fighter (and have too many real adult responsibilities to ever catch up), going through a single-player game as one of the approximately fifty million extant characters feels like dropping into one of the bloodier, more genealogy-obsessed parts of the Old Testament.

So I’m going to have to take the Mortal Kombat X Honest Game Trailer at its word here and assume that it is, in fact, a very serious game about searching for a magical necklace by having tea parties, starring Kid Rock….

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