kGoogle is rolling out an update to Keep today, and it’s a pretty big one. With the push to v2.2 Keep is gaining a few new features, but probably the first thing you’ll notice is that wacky orangey-yellow action bar.

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Here are all the changes we’re seeing in the app, though the Google Play changelog hasn’t been updated yet.

  • Searchable images: Find printed text in images
  • List settings: Set where new or checked items go
  • Trash: Keep deleted notes just a little longer
  • Yellow action bar
  • Updated slide-out menu with multi-account selection
  • Make copies of notes
  • Action bar changes color with notes

2014-04-02 18.38.30 2014-04-02 18.38.38 2014-04-02 18.38.25

Keep used to be that same understated gray color used throughout many of Google’s apps, but now it’s all snazzy.

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Google Keep Updated To v2.2 With Searchable Images, A Crazy Yellow Action Bar, And More [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.