iWho’s that guy? You know the one. He was in that thing… umm, the thing? Better just whip out the IMDB app and make use of it’s slick new interface to figure it out. Yes, v4.2 is out of beta so everyone can enjoy the updated look and feel. This app finally feels like a part of Android.

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Here’s the full changelog for v4.2.

  • New nav drawer which provides better navigation to content and conforms to android design guidelines
  • Action bar with share, notify and movie check in features
  • Special Features section will bring you the latest on awards, events and more
  • Celeb heights added to name pages in the details section
  • Celeb ages added to name pages
  • Movie, Tv, and Celeb news now available on tablets
  • IMDb get satisfaction community
  • Google+ android community
  • Bottom 100 movie list added

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This interface debuted in the beta release last month, but we didn’t know about all the odds and ends IMDB was adding.

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