Last night on ‘Doctor Who,’ it’s humanity vs. the moon

autor: | Říj 5, 2014 | English News

“You walk our Earth, Doctor. You breathe our air. You make us your friend, and that is your moon, too. And you can damn well help us when we need it!”

For this season of Doctor Who, Ross Miller and Kwame Opam will be sounding off on each episode in a series of emails we’ll be publishing on the site. This week it’s “Kill the Moon” (warning: spoilers ahead). Check out our previous recaps: “Deep Breath,” “Into the Dalek,” “Robots of Sherwood,” “Listen,” “Time Heist,” and “The Caretaker.”

Ross: “One small thing for a thing. One enormous thing for a thingy-thing.”

Remember how we said last week’s episode was really about character development with a throwaway plot? This week, the story feels rather absurd, but the emotional payoff in the…

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