71bwrwA5IjL._SL1500_Remember that neato Sony car stereo we checked out at CES, which is basically the perfect receiver for someone who uses their phone for all their in-car entertainment? Well, the XSPN1BT (catchy!) is here. You can but it from Crutchfield pre-order it now on Amazon for $249.99, and it will ship out on Thursday the 29th, just barely making Sony’s May commitment for release.


If you don’t recall, the XSPN1BT is a Bluetooth-powered receiver that foregoes the fancy color screens of modern car stereos for a tiny dock that clamps onto your phone.

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Sony’s XSPN1BT Double-DIN Smartphone Car Stereo Phone Mount Is Available On Amazon And Crutchfield For $250 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.